b0b体育平台:Mike ZHOU (Erzhuan)


Mike ZHOU (Erzhuan)

Title: Principal System Architect, China EPRI

Research directions: Power System Online Analysis and Control

Email: mike.zhou@interpss.org

Phone: 13811833340


    Mike is currently with China Electric Power Research Institute as a Principal System Architect. His research interests are in the field of power system analysis, Big Data, Machine Learning, Digital Twin, and their applications to power grid online analysis. He holds a Ph.D. degree and a Master's degree, both in Electrical Engineering from Tsinghua University and a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from Hunan University.

    He has over 30-year experience in both the electrical power engineering field and the information technology field. In 1996, he introduced the object-oriented programming approach for power system simulation to the power engineering community. In 2005, he created the InterPSS project, a free and open power system simulation software development project.

Before coming back to China in 2014, he was a senior software system architect with TIBCO Software Inc in Palo Alto, California USA, specializing in the design and implementation of Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), and Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) based large-scale enterprise IT solutions.


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