Care Center Services

'Sawali Care Centre' provides care centre services to admit a patient from their family safely, for necessary and homely care.

24 x 7 Availability of Expert Doctors

Many times, patients admitted to centre are directly shifted from I.C.U. of a hospital. As such patients need keen observation and monitoring by Doctors, Centre avails the necessary Medical services.

Prominence given to Patient Psychology

At several occasions, patients are non co-operative, as the disability or agony is beyond their control, they react very aggressively by making chaos, throwing things, spitting on the staff or other patients, abusing staff, refusing bath/meals, etc. therefore Staff and management understands patient's psychology and calmly provides necessary nursing and care passionately and without any harassment. Otherwise in case, their such reactions are not tolerated by staff reacting impatiently, it will affect patients adversely.

Center maintains healthy atmosphere that helps disturbed patients heal steadily and continuously without any interruptions. Families of patients always experience a homely atmosphere and support that the patient is cared with, with all the necessary features maintained at our care center.

We may call it 'Gem' of the features, as one may rarely find it in any care centre.

Availability of Equipments required in Medical Emergencies

This is a very important department. In certain medical emergencies, patient requires hospitalization. But due to economic or some other reasons, patient cannot be admitted to hospital. In such situation, our team takes utmost care in saving the patient which successes many times.
Emergency Equipments like Oxygen kit, Ambu bag, Suction machine, Nebulizer are available in centre.

Psychiatric Nursing

Due to sudden disability, patient gets depressed sometimes. Patient refuses to further treatment. Many times this depression leads to Suicidal thoughts. Counseling alone plays an important role in such situations.
By continuous efforts of establishing positive dialogue with patient, personal attention in every aspect of his needs and counseling, we get success in removing depression and settle the patient psychologically and thus make him ready for further treatment.
Our Psychiatric Nursing plays a vital role in around 90% of the cases.

High standards of Hygiene

Hygiene is the Soul of this project as a habitate. Everybody in Sawali From Management to Ayabai is very much concerned and attentive to cleanliness and freshness and pleasant odor.
All wards, passages, staircases are cleaned thrice a day with phenyl.
You will not find odour in the premises, even when most of the patients are Bed-ridden.

Availability of Physiotherapist

Centre has availed Experienced Physiotherapists. In the case of patients with Paralysis, Fracture, etc. physiotherapy plays an important role. Hence the center provides these services as a regular necessity.

Availability of Ambulance, Portable X-ray, Pathology

Since most of the patients are Bed-ridden and it is very troublesome job to move them to X-ray centre/pathology lab, centre has availed all these facilities in house. In case of shifting to patient to hospital or some investigation centre, center has availed Ambulance as well.

Homely Atmosphere

Due to illness, patient is already in depression. Hence, we take every care that, he is relieved of the feeling that 'He is an UNWANTED identity'. Continuous dialogue with patients, their individual likings in food, Personal care, Various entertainment activities, Celebrations of all festivals as we celebrate at home, keeps them in a better and homely environment. Grand celebration of their Birthdays helps give them a family touch.

Daily Activities

All festivals and Birthdays are celebrated together as a family.
Bhajan Sandhya, Satsang, Musical programs, Various games like Antakshari, Carom, Chess are arranged regularly and frequently.
We maintain a small library, with abouabout 400 books and periodicals, to the disposal of the patients interested in reading as an enjoyment.

Caring for All

Sawali Care Centre is serving the society for last 12 years. Till date centre has served more than 1150 families.
About 40% patients are admitted 'Free of Charge' or in substantially 'Concessional Rates'.
Till date Sawali has served 477 patients out of 1150, totally 'Free of Charge' / at 'Concessional rates'.